Monday, November 05, 2012

Laying it Down

One of my many idiosyncrasies is that I don't carry a purse. I prefer to use the front passenger seat of my car for my make up bag, calendar, and various other items I may need while away from home. I have a little wallet for my phone that I can tuck in my pocket with just the essentials. My key chain fits on my finger. I can generally juggle a cup of coffee as well.

Every now and then I catch a glimpse of myself with all these random things tucked in pockets, dangling from my hands, balanced precariously in my arms and giggle. It's a pretty accurate picture of the way my life often feels...a little frazzled, a bit disheveled, but getting the job done.

For someone that likes to 'travel light,' I don't exactly treat relationships and concerns the same way. It's like I have a backpack with various issues of concern, like stones, packed inside. It gets heavy and I get tired...but I can't exactly dump these people and things, can I?

Lately I have been wrestling with how to selectively carry essentials, while heeding the Biblical exhortation to 'bear one another's burdens.'(Galatians 6:2) My pondering took me back to the purpose for bearing them. We express brotherly love by sharing the load, but productive carrying involves having an endpoint to your transport.

I seem to spend too much time just examining the issues or simply carrying them around. Rather than serving as a loaded down Christian sherpa of sorts, it seems that the most loving response would be to help get burdens to an expert who can actually help resolve them.

As Christians, our ultimate destination is the Lord. As such, He is where we should be taking our worry, concern, heartache & questions. God is not honored by the metaphorical backpacks we wear while marching in circles, wringing our hands, complaining over how exhausting it all is. This is not an effective testimony to those that don't know Him either. If we really believe He is Ruler of this world and worthy of our trust, why don't we act accordingly?

Even the strongest arms need rest. When we keep insisting that 'we've got this' and resist His help we will ultimately drop our load--things will break--because of our pride.

God is honored when we come to Him with those burdens and leave them at His feet. It is not about 'giving up,' it is about tapping into the REAL source of our strength--not human ambition, but omnipotent God. The ultimate act of trust and faith is for us to unpack our baggage in the shelter of the cross & trust Him with the rest.

Oh, how my heart needs to absorb this message and find the courage to obey it.

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