Friday, September 07, 2012

A Benediction for the Nation

I don't get into politics online, but when I saw this on a friend's facebook feed I simply had to pass it along. This is not about politics. This is community. This is living as children of God together on this Earth. This is God honoring, grace at its best.

I have printed it out (from the link above) so that I may pray it each time something political or otherwise divisive gets my blood pumping.

What would it look like if all across America the faithful were praying this for the next 60 days? Can you even imagine?


Danielle said...

Thank you

Melissa C. said...

What a beautiful prayer. So easy to get caught up in red vs. blue.
I had to laugh though, at the people they were filming during the prayer. Some had heads bowed, eyes closed, nodding in affirmation, while others were looking around, checking out their phones, or talking.