Saturday, June 09, 2012

Just Checkin'

It has been a challenging season in my home, as one of my sons' struggle with self control has succeeded in revealing my need for it too. After months of conversation, tears, consequences and bedtime prayers, my boy is showing signs of significant maturity in this area. It is still a fleshly struggle, but I am thrilled with his progress and look for opportunities to affirm it.

Tonight as I was tucking him, he prayed for God to help him with self control (as he does most nights). When he finished, I commented on how well things were going.
"Praying about this is making such a difference, don't you think, Buddy?"
"Yeah," he agreed, "I think God answers things more when you pray it for yourself instead of always having someone like your Mom praying in for you."
I told him I thought God liked to hear us talk to Him about what we needed.
He looked at me very seriously and said, "But, Mom, if a robber prayed that God would make him better at stealing things, He probably wouldn't like hearing that enough to help... right?"
I could tell from the look in his eye he was really testing the waters. 
"Yeah, bud, I am pretty sure He wouldn't be so keen on that type of request."

Eight year old questions are awesome.

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Caitlin said...

Totally awesome.

Self control is a biggy. Good on you for maintaining consistency. We're having heaps of behaviour issues with our almost six year old at the moment, and gosh darn it! Parenting is such hard work!