Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hitting His Stride

He was the youngest, the smallest, the one with the most complications. In his first few years of life he had many urgent ER visits, unplanned admissions, surgeries and multiple diagnoses. He was the slowest to develop. He's been the subject of many worried conversations and prayers.

But the winds are shifting. I can't put my finger on any one culprit. It is as if the pieces have begun to coalesce beautifully. Eight years old really suits my P.

He's happy, precocious, independent, confident and blossoming into a kid that just makes me grin.

Tonight as I tucked him in, my heart reveled in this precious chapter in P's (and by extension his parents') life. I wonder if this is how God feels about us. Does He have this swell of fatherly pride when our faith starts to mature? Does He rejoice in the moments when we are operating on all cylinders-living fully within the gifts, talents and circumstance He has placed us in?

I want to believe He does. As my Creator, I can imagine Him excitedly saying. "Yes, is for this life that you were made." I hear my Heavenly Father whisper emphatically, "My child...THIS is the real you. THIS is my best for you. I love seeing you in this place."

I know my son is only 8 years old. There will be many other chapters, challenges and emotions...but this season is a good one and we are going to enjoy it!

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