Monday, June 04, 2012

Giggles & Grins

There is no deep theological point to this post. It is simply a reminder to me when I flip back through June 2012 that we smiled A LOT of snaggle toothed grins and enjoyed a grand adventure in Islamorada.

Life can be complicated and messy. But it can also be gloriously carefree and fun. May we never get so caught up in the one that we miss the other. (Thanks to my talented personal photographer/father-in-law for most of these.)


Katy said...

What great pictures..... i always loved the toothless grins & was sad when the big teeth starting coming in. it's always a reminder they are growing up.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Those pictures are precious! It's hard to get a picture of the Mama since we are always the ones with the camera.

The Morrows said...

Sweet snaggle tooth pics!
Love these at sunset :)

Diane Tohline said...

These pictures are awesome. I've never swam with the dolphins or even wanted to. After these pictures, I do!

Thank you for this fun post -

Keri said...

Oh, what carefree joy on all of these faces!!! So glad that you all not only experienced the joy, but that you were also blessed to have someone along to capture it PERFECTLY!

suzunc said...

Any most dos in Isla? I was trying to priceline in key west and ended up there..oops. Thought you may have some ideas.