Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Note from Family Camp

A leaf blower, a plate full of flour and a man in a times!

A leaf blower, a plate full of flour and a man in a times!

Yes, that is me earlier today during a little camp game. My kids were thrilled. ;-)

This post will be brief, as I am tapping away on my iPhone in my bunk bed in the dark at Young Life family camp.

Intentionally taking a break from real life and getting away with the people I love in a place where God is glorified has really refreshed my soul. Life is busy. Taking a getaway on a Spring weekend is challenging. We missed a soccer game and a few social opportunities, but we gained memories, laughter and an escape from the trappings of the rat race. I am reminded again that trading the calendar for relationships always pays huge dividends.

Much to share, but I am going to postpone it until I have a keyboard to type on tomorrow! (and I need to address the flour I think is still in my ears)

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Love Being A Nonny said...

*Trading the calendar for relationships* is a FABULOUS way to put it. I plan to re use it! Have a great time with your sweet family and all the other YLers that keep us young!