Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guatemala Day Four

It has been an incredibly special week of filters,
new friends, (who were mesmerized by my girl's curly hair)
and precious little feet.
(When I download the photos from my big camera I will show you some of the cutest muddy feet in the world!)

But today we left the region of Coban for a little R&R to conclude our trip. We started with a spelunking expedition in caves surrounding the community.
We then loaded all this precious cargo on the bus for a six hour trek to the other side of Guatemala.
It was neat to watch the landscape change as we went through both rural and urban areas.Tonight we arrived in the beautiful city of Antigua, where we will spend a free day tomorrow exploring before making our journey back.

Our hearts are so full. I cannot tell you how much I value the opportunity to make this trip.

This afternoon on the bus a few of us were discussing why take a trip around the world to serve when there are so many in need in our own neighborhoods. I am too tired to get into this fully tonight, but I think the mistake we make is thinking it has to be one or the other. There are incredible lessons to be learned both domestically & internationally.

My heart will be forever changed (and I pray the rest of my family's hearts will be as well) as a result of spending time investing in the lives of our neighbors here in Central America. We were created by the same God. Our hearts crave love. Whether we live in the same zip code or a day's journey away, we need each other.

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