Monday, February 27, 2012


It was just a Sunday lunch.
Fried chicken and green beans at our favorite after church spot.
It was unremarkable, except for the fact that it came at the end of a very hard week.

So when I looked across the table and saw these grins,
my heart exhaled its stress and inhaled the sweetness.
I read something last week that said something to the effect of "when you reach out to help others, pay close attention to who you are reaching over in the process." *
I want my children to grow up in a home where love is not just something we talk about,
it is something we do.

Doing it well often requires sacrifice,
but our children aren't always old enough to understand that or to make that choice.

It is a tremendous responsibility to prayerfully consider.
Each situation, each season is different.
It keeps me on my knees seeking His heart and His will.
One day at a time.

*(I searched for the source of this quote but can't find it. If you know, please comment so I can give credit)


Marti said...

Children copy what they see, and I pray that my children and grandchildren will see His love shining through me.

sherene said...

I hope and pray that my son grow up to be like his father.
God fearing, well mannered, and self less.
Ur kids are great ones because that's what you are and ur husband:))