Saturday, February 04, 2012


From the minute my 23 year old eyes saw him--wearing a french blue button down as he entered Deanna & Shane's apartment door for our blind date--I knew this man was different. Other than his eyes, which can stare through you when he is listening hard, communicate great compassion to his patients and their concerned families, and yet still twinkle with boyish mischief, I noticed his hands.

I still have a mental snapshot of his right hand, bearing the infamous James Avery ring, as it gripped the black leather gearshift of that '94 Pathfinder. His hands struck me as strong, purposeful and sure. Over the last 14 years of life together, I have realized that his hands were as much of a glimpse into his heart as his eyes.

His work ethic is impeccable--whether it is a 2am phone call requiring him to be instantly alert and clear-thinking, his constant predawn alarm or a project around the house, he doesn't settle.

His loyalty and commitment to his patients and his family are never questioned. He sometimes forgets to take out the trash, loses track of time and still leaves his dirty clothes on the floor--but he doesn't forget the things that matter and since he committed himself to our marriage and children, he has never, ever left me on the floor or feeling forgotten.

Patience and self control are perhaps his greatest virtues (which is a blessing because this is not necessarily true of his spouse.)

He knows the Lord. He believes His Word is true. He conducts himself and leads our family according to those principles.

He is my husband, the father of our children and my best friend. And today is his birthday.

Happy, happy, honey. I am so very thankful you were born.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Precious words. Happy Birthday to your R today! You are indeed blessed!

Joni said...

Beautifully written. Truly.


Marti said...

What a wonderful tribute to your hubby. Happy birthday to him, and wishes for many more wonderful years together.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Beautiful post...surgeons often carry a heavy load and with that a bad rap.... But I think we both were blessed to meet men who dont fit that mold. Have a wonderful day celebrating him!!!

Mindy said...

This got me all choked up! SO sweet!

Happy Birthday to your hubby and live the new look!

Bella Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you husband! A Godly man is truly a gift from above.

I was actually reading through some old post on my blog (from 2006!) and saw your name in a comment and realized I had not looked at your blog in a very long time. So glad to see your beautiful family and know that you and your husband are holding firm to the family commitment and rearing Godly little people!!!

Happy Saturday!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Happy Birthday! What a special husband you have. He has a special wife too.

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to your man! What a precious post. Have read your story before, but I didn't remember Deanna and Shane introduced the two of you. Here's to many more special birthdays for the two of you to share. : )