Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Visit with Santa

Today we went to Atlanta to see our favorite Santa Claus--although the jury is still out among my children as to whether he is the REAL deal or "just a famous person dressing up like him." (I listen to these conversations and don't get involved in pushing them either way.)

Although we had already mailed letters early last week, this was my trio's opportunity to make sure their wishes were known. P went first, nervously giggling and wide-eyed as he asked for "a dart set, a waterproof digital watch and a Kirby DS game."

Next it was K's turn to request "a real sewing machine, an "Emily" American Girl doll and a 20 inch bike." When Santa asked her if she might work on a new suit for him for next Christmas she grinned and shook her head affirmatively.
R wrapped up our crew, mentioning his desire for a new 20 inch bike, a Cars 2 video game and Harry Potter Legos. Santa was quite knowledgeable and spent a moment discussing his favorite parts of the Cars 2 movie.

My husband and I were surprised to see our wedding photographer there working the event. It was great fun to come full circle with him after 10 years--from starry eyed bride and groom to parents in the thick of childhood activities. Ten years suddenly seemed not long ago at all!

(Is it just me or do my people look so BIG in this photo with their grandparents?)

As we were leaving Santa asked the children if our elves were behaving. They excitedly reported on the mischievous antics of Otto & Max. Santa asked if they had engaged in a marshmallow snowball fight yet--the thought of which thrilled the children to no end. I wouldn't be surprised if those little guys pull a stunt like that tonight!

Merry, Merry!


Michelle said...

Before I read your comment about them looking big I was wondering if you had been feeding them fertilizer, lol. They look so old and grown up and tall.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I love reading the three things they ask for and seeing their individual personalities!!!

P.S. WHO in the world is going to teach K to thread that sewing machine???? :) :)