Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On the Beach

I am enjoying a special escape to the beach the first part of this week with a group of eleven women. We are here to send off a precious friend who, after leading Bible Study for a decade, is moving on to Texas as her husband responds to a call to ministry there. The plan is to make a few more memories before she leaves us.

With 34 children between us, it was quite an accomplishment to escape during a school week. We worked hard to get here and are planning to soak up 36 more hours before we return to the final month of school crunch.

As we sit in a circle on the beach I am reminded that women need each other. The conversation, the wisdom, the understanding, the laughter, the immediate sense of kinship that comes
from simply being our gender...it is an amazing thing that is has taken me 30+ years to appreciate.

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Emmy said...

Can't wait to hear! So sad I had to miss it... was with you all in my heart!