Saturday, September 04, 2010


The calendar says Labor Day weekend, high school and college football teams played their season openers and as if on cue, the weather dipped into the 80s. It is Fall in the South. 

Last night our family enjoyed a high school football game. Our guys lost and we didn't even make it to half time--but the sights, sounds and excitement made it worth the try.

I love this one because it represents their personalities so well...the mascot, the cheerleader and the player. (I just wish it were in focus...that's what I get for using a phone as a camera!)

This morning we packed up early and headed to Athens, GA for the season opener for UGA. I am a Bama girl, but we also cheer for UGA as a family. R, in particular, really loves the dawgs. He proudly wore his helmet during our road trip and could not understand why we frowned upon his idea to wear it into the game.
Because we were cutting it close for the kickoff just after noon, we did not get to explore campus much. Walking into the stadium elicited just the response I had expected--wide eyes, audible oohs and ahhs, followed by excited grins.

We only made it to the beginning of the 3rd quarter, but that was plenty of time to see the game, the cheerleaders, the band, the mascot and the excitement. 
We all had a blast. It was the perfect introduction to Game Day.

We got back home around 5pm and they went outside to play "Georgia football" in the front yard while dinner was prepared.

And because we are still without television service, my Bama watching had to happen like this. 

One day we will make it to Tuscaloosa with the children for an Alabama game...but not when tickets are selling at National Championship prices! :-) 

Nonetheless, today was a great day of family fun. There is nothing quite like the tradition of SEC football.


Ali said...

Hi Mama,

I hope you'll receive this comment in the spirit in which it was meant; concern, not criticism. When looking at the picture of your sweet R, I noticed that the chest clip of his child safety seat was positioned incorrectly.

According to, the chest clip should "be across the chest, at armpit level. It should not be on the neck or tummy. This clip itself does not protect during a crash. Its job is to keep the harness straps in the correct position before a crash."

( quote from here: )

I hope this information will be of use to you.

JMom said...

I receive it the way you intended. Thank you. :-)
Since we still have our kiddos in 5 point harnesses at 6 years old, we ought to at least have it on correctly.

twiceasnice said...

Hey, here in Texas, my twins are big time into silly bands too! Thought your kiddos were so cute @ the game! Love Athens and the dawgs! Have a great rest of the season, both teams!

~April~ said...

Glad you guys have fun! We attempted a local game last week and only made it just past half time. Any parent understands!

Lindsey said...

I remember the first time I was reading through your blog and realized you were a BAMA fan. Made my heart smile immediately. Passed by your sorority house yesterday when I was on campus and thought of you.

So glad your family is enjoying least you're getting to cheer for an SEC school!


Jani said...

Great photos and great weekend!

We are raising little Ohio State fans here and my 7 year old said the other day that Saturday was his favorite day of the week. I thought it would be because he doesn't have school but no, "it's because the Buckeyes play!" We are fortunate to live very close to campus BUT we don't take the boys to too many games. (too much crazy tailgating! hee hee) They do usually get to one game a year and they LOVE it. I'm not sure how their teachers do it every Friday because the kids at school are nutso with excitement. (a good portion of the parents work at the university)

And, there was a "crisp" in the air in Ohio this weekend also!

The high school football is so fun too! And, now, my oldest son is playing middle school football so, now that you mention it, our fall is pretty much ALL football! :-)

JMom said...

Jani- I shouldn't have emphasized SEC so much, I have been to Columbus on game day....OSU takes their football pretty seriously too! :-)

Charon Benton said...

OKay, I'm a GATORS fan!!! But I'm not sure what we played yesterday! Lawd have mercy...those boys played like umm...well, girls.!! LOL Your kids are SO CUTE in their DAWGS gear!!

rtsadie said...

Hey Roll Tide Sister,

Luckily Georgia is not one of those "orange" teams that are big rivials of Bama. I say, go ahead and make the financial investment now to go to some Alabama games. You need to get them pointed in the right direction early! Even if it costs you . . . to get one of your three to be a devoted Bama fan, as the Mastercard commercial says, will be "priceless". You need at least one of them to be fired up about the Tide!
Here's to another Championship season!!! RTR!!!