Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Is it too early to talk about Christmas?

This morning I was reading the account of when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her of the plans God had for her--you know, immaculate conception of the Son of God. As strange as it sounds, I think I enjoyed reading it apart from Advent. I felt like I was released from some of the familiarity that can cause me to skim rather than dig in.

At the end of the devotional I was reading I was struck by this passage:

"Maybe no one would believe. But that wouldn't keep her (Mary) from believing.
Her faith was courageous. We know that because her decision was quick, and her obedience complete. She would submit to God. Regardless of the questions it would raise. Or the eyebrows. Regardless of the cost. Or the consequences. Regardless if it meant losing her reputation. Or the man she loved. Even her very life.
And maybe, of all the favorable qualities this young woman had, maybe it was this "regardless" quality that made her most suited to the task of raising such a wonderful promise. "
-Ken Gire, Moments with the Savior

I started thinking about the implications of 'regardless' in my own life. I will obey and trust regardless...
Regardless of what others are doing.
Regardless of what they might label me.
Regardless of the fact that it means I don't get to call the shots.
Regardless of whether or not I get any glory or respect or popularity or approval.


"I am the Lord's servant, " Mary answered. "May it be to me as you have said." Luke 1:38

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Leanne said...

I will obey the Lord.......

Regardless of where it leads me?

Regardless of sufferings or tribulations or discomforts?

Regardless of what I lose?

I place question marks after these sentences because, being very candid with myself (and with you) I do not know if I could obey regardless!

I will pray for a spirit of regardlessness (is that a word?) for me and for you!!

Take care.