Friday, August 20, 2010

Life According to R

Someone asked me today which of my children was my thinker. I laughed. They are ALL thinkers. It seems to have a lot to do with this age, but they are constantly trying to figure out the way the world works. A few observations from R:

At 6:01 a couple of mornings ago, after crawling into my bed R's deep, raspy voice spoke directly over my face.
"Mom! Mom! I have figurwed out an idea on how I can always live with you! We can move those two kid beds out of mine and P's woom and put in one big bed for me and my wife and all our kids to share! And I will even paint da walls (currently little boy blue) to be yellow or gween so my wife will like 'em too."
My husband was especially amused when R added, "And I won't even have to pay money if I live HERE."

Tonight at bedtime P was asking me how I could be so sure that we would always remember each other.
"I am your Mommy," I responded, "You are part of me."
"What?" he giggled, "How am I part of you?"
"You were in my tummy," I replied.
"But I am not anymore!" P reminded me.
"Right, but God took a little of me and a little of Daddy and mixed it together to make you."
"Really?" he asked wide- eyed with an impish grin.
"Yes. That's why you have Daddy's hair and dimples and Mommy's dark eyes and skin." I explained
R interjected, "Hey! That's me that got the dimples!"
"Yes, you got Daddy's dimples and eyelashes but you got my skin and hair."
He beamed.
"Oh! So, when you weren't lookin' God took some of your hay-yur and put it on me," he announced proud to have figured it all out.
Not exactly...
I briefly explained cells and DNA ('stuff in your body and blood that makes you') as he settled in for sleep.

Just as he was about to drift off his eyes popped open again and seemingly out of the blue he said,"Mommy, when I die I know who I want to give my eyeballs to...Ivey!"

I love that precious little man!

Updated to Add:
This morning over breakfast I told R how much I had been thinking about his kind idea about Ivey.
"I even told some friends about it and they thought it was a very kind thing for a 6 year old boy to say."
He looked at me very seriously, "But did you tell the man who would put in her eyes?"
I explained that Ivey lacked the connection from her eyes to her brain, so while some people could get new eyes from people who no longer needed them, Ivey could not.
"Well, I could give her the part that connects too, Mama."

R has the most challenging personality (at this age) of my three--these glimpses into the tenderness under his bravado are a heart-warming blessing to his often exhausted Mama's heart.


Bailey's Leaf said...

:) Ivey would love to hear that!

storey said...

Oh, wow! Love y'all!!!

Claire said...

What sweet stories. Your kids are precious.


Mary Lou said...

How precious...having grown children, one of whom has lived with us for a short period of time AFTER moving out. I got a great laugh out of the comment,"I can live here and NOT have to pay anything"...he already has it figured out. How priceless. God has been so loving to you and blessed you with such wisdom and insight, your love for Him overflows so beautifully into your children. Thank you for all you share, blesses my heart over and over.

Tara said...

My husband always claimed that he would live in his parent's attic when he got married. I always thought it was little boys who wanted to stay at home forever, but one of my girls schemes on how she can make it happen!

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Pretty amazing and well, I am speechless. I don't really know what to say, but that is one sweet heart in him. Sometimes I really wish I knew what was going on in their heads and how they wrap their minds around things like - no eyes - and how they justify it. Ivey is very blessed to have your family in her life. And so are the boys, it is things like that that will one day make my boys lives easier. Somedays I fear the teenage years and how flaws in kids lives become targets - and I often wonder if she will be something that another child will one day make fun of - just to say something mean. Or if she will be the reason someone doesn't want to spend the night. It scares me to death. I hope these kids grow with her and never see those flaws. A worry that I shouldn't even think about - thank you so much for teaching your three about who she is and being in Ivey's life - really in her life when you are around her. And on the funny side, if R ever needs to borrow Ivey's eyes, well, I'll send them over :)