Sunday, July 18, 2010


We are still out of our home due to the lack of air conditioning in oppressive Georgia July heat.

While I am thrilled at the prospect of sleeping in my own bed again tomorrow, I am thankful for many things I previously took for the ability to live in a temperature controlled environment. I am mindful there are many in this world who never have such luxury.

I am also exceedingly thankful for family and friends who have allowed us to sleep in their air conditioned homes.

Interestingly, in this whole debacle I have learned a lot about things we don't really need. As a result of the construction we have lost our phone (landline) and our satellite. We are seriously contemplating not restoring either one. (My hold up for phone is emergncies and satellite is football!)

We also lost our electric dog fence--that was restored pronto. The worker who had to chase my lab three blocks took care of that repair same day!

My patience, attitude and sense of humor have been stretched, but God has been merciful to gently restore them upon request. I confess my dear husband has probably prayed for that restoration for me more than I have for myself.

K, P and R have been real troopers, viewing most of this as one grand adventure. Oh the joy of childhood!

As I reflect I am a little embarassed at the need for my "stuff" this situation has revealed. Maybe that is not even a fair description...I just want my place, my little haven, my nest back. I didn't even realize how much stability and peace a sense of 'home' provided until it was threatened.

I cannot help but have renewed perspective and new empathy for those who more permanently lose their homes to fire, flooding or some other circumstance.

I am left to wonder if this is how we feel when unsettled from our temporary, earthly homes what indescribable peace, joy and security we will feel when we one day enter our eternal heavenly home. Can you even begin to imagine?

Friends, this world is not your home, so don't make yourselves cozy in it. Don't indulge your ego at the expense of your soul. Live an exemplary life among the natives so that your actions will refute their prejudices. 1 Peter 2:11 The Message

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davec777 said...

I totally get what you are saying. I didn't realize how comfortable my life was & how attached I was to it until we recently arrived at a vacation home that was under construction and did not have several of the amenities I am accustomed to. Really made me appreciate my home and what I usually take for granted - dishwasher, privacy, central heating, laundry room. Good point about not getting too comfortable here also =)