Friday, July 02, 2010

Snapshots of Life

Tonight as I was syncing my phone to my computer I couldn't help but grin at the photos that popped up--random snapshots from real life with my little people.

The photo quality is marginal because they were taken with my phone, but each one was taken to remind me of a moment. Few of them are substantial enough to merit an entire post, so instead I present a Friday night hodgepodge of Summer at 6 years old...

This is a precious card K made for us the last day of our family vacation.
This is P's infamous note from the pediatrician's office this week. (It wouldn't upload Wednesday night.)This was waiting in line at the airport to check our car seats on the way to Colorado last month. I know the people on our flight cringed when they saw us coming. They may be growing up, but sidewalk chalk is still fun. Do you like P's shirt? He designed it. This sight never gets old.Neither does this one.And these were taken today with my 'real' camera. K & R were playing family...and it just happened to be Halloween. So, they were taking turns trick or treating at my front door.
Look at his face!!! I ADORE life at this age. (I think I might have said that before.)


kristen said...

Absolutely precious! Sweet blessings!

Ashley said...

So sweet and precious memories! Glad you have captured so many to reflect upon! Blessing, Ashley

storey said...

LOVE the brick mosaic! Beautiful art! Miss drawing with them, tracing them on the driveway, and drawing flags, ha! (Pass this along please)

Shannon and Carey said...

priceless. I am cracking up!
Shannon in Austin