Friday, July 30, 2010

Ramona (and my Ramone)

It is still incredibly hot in Georgia, so K, P, R & I have spent a few afternoons this Summer enjoying matinees at our local movie theater. So far, all three of the movies we have seen have been great. 

Toy Story 3 was probably the most tender for me, as the plot revolves around the main character growing up and leaving the nest. (I confess that I cried for most of the last 5 minutes.) And, truly, the themes were great conversation starters with my little people.  

Despicable Me was just silly and fun with a sweet moment or two thrown in--and despite the somewhat gratuitous bathroom humor, all four of us enjoyed it. 

After reading this review on Pluggedinonline, I could barely wait to see Ramona and Beezus today. I don't think I have ever read a review on that site with such a glowing recommendation. Ramona and Beezus was very G. No ugly words. No hypersexuality. There were not even any really scary parts. There were a few adult themes (divorce, financial trouble and loss of a pet) but I felt that they were handled tenderly. No doubt, they might raise some questions on the car ride home if those matters have not been previously discussed.

I think what I enjoyed most was the reminder of how uniquely we are each wired--and that we need each other. (I blogged about this not too long ago.) As I watched it with my children, I couldn't help but think about how their own individuality will continue to present itself. Their strengths (and weaknesses) are vastly different. I have a child, like Ramona, who completely marches to the beat of their own drummer. In our case it is a Ramone. :-) He was completely taken with the movie--and it did my heart good to see him identify with a character who was being embraced and lauded for their quirky differences. 

I worry a bit about my Ramone, frankly. He is precious and funny and incredibly smart--but I cannot help but wonder how he will 'fit' in as time goes on. Every adult, mature part of me embraces the breath of fresh air that he is--so completely comfortable in his own skin and absolutely unconcerned with what others think. Yet, the part of me that remembers how mean and brutally honest kids can be ,fears for what words may one day be hurled his way. 

The Mama Bear in me wants to bubble wrap him and protect him, by toning down some of his difference. The Christ Follower in me thinks about one of the greatest men in the Bible, John the Baptist, and realizes that God will do what He will do in this life. My 'Ramone' is a rare treasure, freer than most because conformity is not even on his radar screen. 

I think he is freer than I am.

Lord, show me how to parent this sweet spirit--remove my insecurity before I am able to impart it on my precious child. He is yours. I trust You. I am sorry my actions don't seem to reflect that sometimes. He is YOURS. I truly cannot WAIT to see what you do with that remarkable little soul!


Emmy said...

"I think he is freer than I am" Ok that made me cry... I get it! My little "Ramone" is much freer than I am too!

KM said...

We went and saw this movie too..and loved it. I so appreciated the G-ratedness of it! While there were some adult themes, truthfully, most children these days have experienced that firsthand..if not in their immediate lives, they have a cousin or other close family friend that has as well. I wondered if my daughter would ask questions, and she didn't. Thought it was handled beautifully. My daughter is also one that beats to her own drum...and has no qualms about it. I fight, sometimes not successfully, the desire to quench some of her "quirkiness" for fear she'll be made fun of. My mother heart wants to protect her, and the Lord is trying to show me that is His job, and not to change who she is. Instead, I should prepare her heart for those times by knowing that we are Christ's and it is His thoughts we should care about and not those of man's. This mothering business is the most rewarding of my life...and challenging more than I ever dreamed. Thanks for sharing your journey. I learn much from reading here...even if it just thought-provoking!

Tracy said...

I think there is an Romana ( or Romane) in every family. As mothers we see the gifts in our children, but we are fully aware that not everyone views our children with our unique eyes. In our culture of labels we fear for what their future may hold. We can grasp a little bit of the love of God when we see Him as a father figure who loves us...quirks and all...and He also feels our pain when this world hurts us. Some people can be cruel, but don't always expect the worst. My "Romane" will soon be thirteen. Marching to the beat of your own drum in the midst of middle school years can be down right terrifying. However, my guy has made some really good friends. One of those friends just gave my son (and me) the most wonderful gift. This wonderful friend (who is only 12) recently said that out of the people that he knows my son is the most like God. His reasoning? Because my son has an awesome imagination. He said that when he looks at creation he knows that God must have had an awesome imagination as well. You just can't know what a gift this was to my son who has at times felt very keenly the fact that some kids see him as "different".To have a peer make this assessment of him was very moving for him.

storey said...

And, his little heart is SO huge...God's got special special plans for him! Can't wait to see what each one of them does! I am staying with a 7 and 10 year old this weekend while their parents are out of town and we went to see the 4th shrek tonight...we get movies here much later than you guys. anyway, shrek's triplets (2 boys and a girl) made me think of you guys :) love you!

Leanne said...

I've been wondering about Toy Story 3. I've heard nothing but good reports about it. I cried buckets through TS 2.....I think we'll wait till it comes out on DVD. It's cheaper for this family of soon-to-be-ten!!

I loved this post. I appreciate you being so honest, because the blogworld is so full of shiny plastic Barbies. I love that you have some of the same thoughts as I do about my children and their total differences from their peers.

May I suggest that you rejoice in your Little Man's differences? Because his very uniqueness and his very sensitivity will be the thing that makes his relationship with the Lord strong and fast.

I almost cried when I read your prayer at the end....this is soooo my heart! Only I pray that God would save my children from being scarred by my sinfulness that sometimes rears its ugly head!! I take this very seriously and I battle diligently to allow the Lord to put this to death in me.

Thanks for visiting my blog. It meant so much to me!

I will be praying as you navigate these times.

Keri said...

I know this is not the point of your post, but as a HUGE fan (from childhood) of the Ramona books, I'm glad to hear that the movie is truly G-rated! I've been holding my breath, hoping not to hear negative things about it.

Even so, I won't be taking my girls (ages 3 & 6) to see it, because the books are so beloved in my heart, and I want my daughters to experience the books like I did, before they see the movie. And might I suggest that in...oh, about two and K read all of the Ramona books together? I think you'd both really love them! :-)

k and c's mom said...

Based on your recommendation, I went to see" Beezus and Ramona" yesterday. I've read the Beverly Cleary books to my students for over 20 years (because I loved them when I was a young girl!). This movie was just amazing. They could not have found a more perfect Ramona. You gave me an afternoon full of The Happy! I can see why your children LOVED the movie. Thanks, JMom!

Tara said...

Oh, I have a Ramona and it thrills my heart to watch her. I think I could sit and watch her for hours. We say she's in her own little world most of the time and we say it as if we wish we could join her! After seeing this, we will be headed to the theater soon!