Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Gene Pool

R as Peter Pan (6 years old)
Daddy as Davey Crockett 33 years ago (approximately 6 years old)

P in his coon skin cap (6 years old)

I knew their resemblances were strong, but converting these pictures to black and white was eery. Are they slight variations of my husband or what?

Oh, how I love, love, love these guys!


Pam said...

So adorable!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Good grief...The gene pool is STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Precious boys...and their daddy too!

Mary Lou said...

Those are such precious pictures of all three of your "boys". Very stron gene pool. At our house it's so strong that my son looks so much like my dad, that people see pictures of my dad and think it's my son. Yours are all so cute. God is good. May they be as good a Dad as he is and may they be as godly.

nen said...

R has his eyes and nose, P has his boyish grin, and all those pics are off the charts on the cuteness scale :)Now let's see one of K and lil JMom!

Ashley said...

They are precious, and look so much like their Daddy! How fun, I agree with Nen lets see one of you and K! Thanks for sharing!

Daree said...

WOW! They BOTH look so much like their Daddy! So cool!