Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trailwest 2010

We have just returned home from nine days of pure Colorado adventure. From Colorado Springs to Buena Vista to Aspen and back...We have explored caves, the continental divide (twice), rafted down the Arkansas River, square danced, barbequed and rappelled.
It is not just hype when Young Life promises that camp will be "The Best Week of Your Life."
We have travelled by plane, train, mini van, school bus, raft, foot, pony, gondola and jeep.

We have played board games with the gorgeous snow capped peaks of the Rockies outside our window. We fed chipmunks and prairie dogs from our hands.
We laughed and loved and sang and danced and played and prayed. Then we woke up the next morning and did it all again.
Now we are home. We are refreshed AND pooped (and drowning in dirty laundry).

It has been an AMAZING week for all five of us.
Last night as we were tucking the children in R said, "I can't wait to be home."
"Yeah," P added, "Home is the best place on Earth."
God has created some stunning places out West, but it was a different kind of beautiful to pull back in my flat, oak lined driveway tonight. It is good to be home.


dee said...

I love,love,love the picture of you all in front of the jeep! Our friends' daughter just left Saturday for work crew at Frontier Ranch for a month. I cannot wait to talk to her and see her pictures. Her mom just hopes she doesn't fall so in love she decides to stay. :)

Pam said...

Oh now I want to go to. I love all the photos of you all. I know my family would love this type of vacation. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jenny said...

WOW!!! What an AWESOME vacation!!!! It looks like you all had a great time! LOVED all the pictures. Your family is just so.........sweet!!! Happy Monday!

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

My husband (a former YL area director) and I were on assignment together at Trail West the summer before we were married. Such sweet memories! That place is full of God's beauty and presence. I'm jealous of the time y'all had there!

Alanna said...

Loved the pictures! Your family's love for life comes through! Beautiful.

ellen said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! I got to go to Park City for Spring Break this year(first time ever that far West). I know EXACTLY what you meant when talked about pulling into your oak lined driveway. It is beautiful out there, but I, too am a Southern gal!

Mom of Eleven said...

So fun, thanks for always faithfully sharing your fun times with all of us!! So happy for your kiddos, what fun times. Miss seeing you too!