Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Scotts' Folly

We are in the midst of a big mess.

A couple of months ago it became apparent that our HVAC units were on their last legs. After considerable research and conversation, my husband and I decided to proceed with an energy efficient geothermal system to replace our existing traditional system. It seemed like the right thing to do for energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and long term cost savings.

The proposed time line and initial budget have been blown--what started as 10-14 day project to be completed primarily while we were away has extended to a 20 day (and counting) filthy, muddy, disruptive mess.

My formerly green, lush backyard now looks like this...This is just the upper part of my yard. Late yesterday afternoon they moved down into other areas. This muddy goo is erupting from the holes they drill and covering the ground. 

Additionally, inside my house, all my rugs have been rolled up, plastic covers the floors, things are off the wall and the air conditioning is still unreliably hobbling along. I don't have to remind anyone that it is Summer in Georgia. I have 90+ degree days to fill with activities for three lively a muddy lab and two small kittens to keep contained away from the work. (Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy order in my home?)

We researched, we discussed...and yet, THIS is not what I signed up for. I want the end product--a restored yard, cool air, lower bills, a conscience that is assured of being environmentally friendly--but the complicated mess involved in getting there is for the birds.

There is really no one to blame. This system is built on 12-20 well-type holes drilled 220-400 feet in the ground. The engineers designing the system had no idea what they would find beneath the surface until they drilled. In our case, they ran into a mess of old river rock, gravel, water and mud where they expected solid Earth. There was no way to predict how complicated and messy this was going to become.

And now, we are in. 

Tonight my husband and I stood in the backyard, surveying the damage with our neighbors and shook our heads. It is a mess--but we have chosen to remain committed. We do have a choice. We can pack it in, give up and take a big financial loss or we can see it through. We have decided to see it through.

Some people may think we are crazy...but we have made it this far and to quit now would be nothing but loss. If it works, on the other side of this mess will be great gain. We have to have faith.

Yet, I can't help but wonder...why didn't we just stick with the status quo? At this point, it seems like it would have been far less risky. (There's definitely a lesson in there.)

I told my hubby tonight that, one day, I was sure we would laugh about this. Right now we just feel overwhelmed.


davec777 said...

((Hugs)) You will come through this. The Lord has something for you to learn thru this. He is faithful!


Kari said...

Oh no, I am overwhelmed for you. I get it - really I do. And I am sorry you have found yourself in this predicament. However, based on my knowledge of you gained through your blog, I have a feeling you are going to come out of this mess just fine with some good stories to tell along the way.

Meanwhile, I really do get it. We are in the middle of house problems too! Good luck, stay calm, and keep the Faith!

ChelseaSalomone said...

God bless!! Oh friend, I would be eating Xanex like candy.

Mom of Eleven said...

OOOOOoooo, I am there with ya. We are replacing two units and carpet very soon. After that the entire exterior is being painted. I just can't get motivated.

S said...

Bless your heart! Can I offer one suggestion? Right before bathtime one evening, strip everyone to the bare necessities and have a good old fashioned mud fight! Be sure to cover your camera with a plastic bag first....and have a ball. You've got to get at least one good laugh and some funny pictures out of this!

sl said...

I know it is a mess now but you will love the energy saving! We have a system like this and love the low energy bills. It will be worth it. Whne I bought my house 22 years ago it was already installed so I did not have to go threu the mud mess. My home is so cool in summer and warm in winter. I have allergies so we can not have fresh air. The energy bills are so much lowere than other sources.

The Amazing Trips said...

Good luck, JMom. Driving steel is never neat and tidy.

My husband and I are both geologists if you need someone to take a look at your boring logs... :)

julie said...

This is a system I have always dreamed of it is looking a little scary (but one day I think we will do it). Thanks for the heads-up about the bumps (actually, small mountains) in the road.

I know you remember "When God closes a door he always opens a window, but sometimes it's hell in the hallway". I am sorry that your hallway is filled with so much mud!!!

Tara said...

Oh I feel for you! Perhaps a good opportunity for letting the kids have a big mud bath.