Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wisdom for Wives

On Wednesday mornings I attend a small group Bible Study that has been going through Beth Moore's video series on Proverbs called Wising Up. I am a fan of Beth Moore's studies, but must confess that the rich homework that accompanies them can be intimidating and overwhelming. This study has been terrific for busy Spring months because there is no homework!

The video we watched this morning was Wisdom for a Wife's Sexuality. Because I am a modest woman who believes in letting what is private and sacred stay that way, I will not expand much on it...but this video is a MUST WATCH for married women. I had seen it about a year ago, but I was encouraged by viewing it again today.

Beth Moore clearly loves the institution of marriage and wants to exhort women to do well in their role. A few snippets from her comments to give you a taste (some of these are paraphrases because I couldn't take notes fast enough):
"To be desired by your husband is a good thing, not a bothersome thing. You can train your husband not to want YOU, but you cannot teach him not to want. Consider the alternative..."
"Are you in a marriage or a business partnership?"
"Wives who use s*x as a weapon will end up with a self inflicted wound."
"Honor your heavenly groom (Jesus) with how you do the wife thing here on Earth."

I really appreciated her honest exhortation to understand how our husband's best receive love and do our best to respond in that way. God designed marriage so that we would have helpmates. Let's be what we were created to be...humble, loving, committed companions to our men.


Laci said...

Amen. Thank you for this post. I have been seeking God on this issue in my marriage lately and how to better serve my husband, so this was some needed truth.

HW said...

I know that God created my husband (all men) with physical desire.

Therefore, it is a wonderful thing to know, as a wife, that I alone can fulfill the needs of this very wonderful man with whom God has blessed me.

We need not be embarrassed to carefully discuss intimacy WITHIN MARRIAGE. It is a wonderful and important part of the marriage relationship. This is not to say that I do not appreciate your desire to remain modest and careful in what you post; I certainly do.

The Stokley Family said...

I loved the quotes, I actually had to write the first one down I loved it so much.
Thank you.