Saturday, May 15, 2010

Social Lives

Yesterday afternoon the children and I dipped our toes in the sweet freedom of Summer. I picked them up from school with swimsuits and towels and we met some friends at our town green to play in the fountains.
It seems it was the impromptu place to be for the local pre-K-Kindergarten set.

I marveled that my children were totally into the social scene. When did this happen?
As opposed to the old days of having to prompt them to meet new people and give them ideas of games to play, I was able to chat at length with some neat Moms while the little girls did their own catching up. (I used my zoom lens--but how I wish I could have overheard their discussions!)

The boys found a ball and started their own game of pick up football.

Of course, the girls did not want to miss out on any of the action. They joined in for a play or two, before deciding it wasn't all it was cracked up to be and ran away giggling.

I feel like I say this at every age, but I am really LOVING this! Almost-six seems to be a precious combination of innocence, enthusiasm and greater independence and creativity.

It was so reassuring to get a glimpse of what fun awaits us this Summer.

One more week!!!


dee said...

Love the first pic of K! Aaah, summer-we can't wait at our house either!! We have prom tonight, another fun end of school celebration.

HW said...

My first thought upon seeing your photos was how nice it is to see your little K smiling after yesterday's post.

It is wonderful to see friendships blossom with your children.

For my daughter's sweet sixteen birthday I surprised her with a photo shoot with her four best friends. The proofs alone bring me joy just seeing these girls so happy with their friendships.

You are right, every phase is wonderful.

Happy Summer.

Candi (and Emma, too) said...

I knew it! I thought I saw you and your family at the First Friday concert recently, and I got so excited and told my Mom and explained that I always read your blog, how precious your triplets are, etc. She told me to say hello, but before I could round up my Emma and come introduce myself, I couldn't find you. We LOVE going to the Town Green, and it's amazing how many children are always there! It's one of the best ideas for our town to have built, because it's obviously being put to good use!