Friday, May 21, 2010

Party Time

I am up to my eyeballs in party preparation tonight.

 I won't complain. I could have chosen an easier route. But, chaos or not, I am a big fan of at-home parties. I love making memories in a place they can refer back to over and over--those types of touchstones were the reason I wanted to find a home we could grow with for decades to come. I hope 20 years from now we can look at a corner of the yard and say, "Do you remember when we hung the pinata from that tree at your 6th birthday party?" I guess I am just sappy that way!

K will have an art themed party in our front yard tomorrow morning. We have several crafts we will be making--and I am doing my best to check my insecurity about being non-crafty at the door so I can enjoy celebrating with my girl. I can't wait to see her smile. She loves art projects!

If I can just remember which type of paint (fabric, puffy, acrylic, etc...) goes with which project (pillow cases, aprons, tote bags, canvas squares) we should be just fine.

We will have a one hour break (that's right, one hour) before switching to a Mario themed backyard party. This admittedly non-crafty Mama has been working all week on drawing King Boo for a bean bag toss, making a power up panel memory game and organizing a gigantic coin battle complete with villains and ice/fire themed dodge ball. 

My boys are going to go bonkers. 

I read articles sometimes about over-the-top parenting that reference birthday parties specifically. I have been thinking about that tonight. What is my motivation, really? 

It is certainly not to impress anyone. Honestly, I looked at a few crafty/party websites this week (this one is incredible) and found myself feeling painfully inadequate and intimidated. 

So what is it then? I confess that I am partially motivated by a degree of guilt. My children have to share their special day--so I want to make it special enough that even shared it will be still amazing.

It is also motivated by my own enjoyment. I love being able to give them this special memory. They only get to have a 6th birthday once. 

The bottom line, however,  is that I cannot wait to see their faces. This is just one of those Mom things that I 'get' to do for them. Is it necessary? No. Does it prove my love? Of course not. Am I looking forward to this 'act of service' to celebrate them? Absolutely. 



twiceasnice said...

Big prayers for your great day tomorrow. Remember that no matter what happens, if you forget the minor details, or get everything is really YOUR day! You had the honor of becoming a mommy times three, and God picked you for this job! R, K, and P are the luckiest kids ever to get you for the forever present! Have a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday K,P and R! I hope they have a blast, after reading what all you have done I wish I could be there, sounds like a blast. Enjoy and don't stress over the little things, they will still make memories and only remember the important stuff. Years from now they will thank you for being such a fun, thoughtful mom to go to all this effort! Blessings for a FUN 6th Birthday!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I'm with you on that on! I use to LOVE it when they saw their cake. It was the cake that was a big deal for mine and I always saved it as a surprise. It did this mommy's heart good. Enjoy your kiddos and have a wonderful day....even if they can't tell that your *puffy sunshine* is a sunshine:) (It takes one to know one. I can't draw a stick man!)

Annie said...

You are so awesome. 2 parties ONE HOUR a part AT HOME?!?! You had my "SuperMom" medal for just raising 3 triplets, but then this?!?! I can't tell you how much I love reading your blog. You inspire me to think a lot about things that I might not have thought about before. (i.e.- in this post, the motivation for an "over-the-top" party...I am that mom. and I love how you put into words exactly the way I feel about it)...I couldnt agree more about the "over-the-top" birthday parties. Is it necessary? No. But, such a sweet way to make them feel so special and make some great memories! They are all 3 going to have a great day! Happy Birthday to your 3 cuties!

Bailey's Leaf said...

We have one daughter, K-, who's adoption day anniversary and birthday are on the same day. We have a big party, but nothing that isn't on the line of an at-home party at our church Life Impact Center. We had to move our party off site since we only have a 1008 sq ft house and the kids were only getting bigger. Oh, and her birthday is December 20.

I always make the cake. Some years, it is better than others. In the end, I look and know that she can always say that she had a homemade cake.

Grandma has taken to being in charge of the pinata. The year that I decided to do the pinata in the middle of the living room (12X16 room) with 12 children sitting in a circle and their big people beside them, it was a challenge. I did the pull string method, but still . . .

We don't get all overly schmancy. For us, it is important for the kids to get together and in the middle of a cold Ohio winter, they get to run and run. We do a 2 hour theme party. This past year, my girl chose Star Wars. This next year will be Willy Wonka.

I'm sure that your parties will be absolutely great! I see an early bedtime in everyone's future at your house tonight!

Happy Birthday P, K and R!

Tales of a Peanut said...

My daughter's birthday and party are today. She's 1 and I've found myself thinking about why I'm going to so much effort for a party that she'll never remember. I think it's because I feel loved when people do things like this for me-- not the stuff but the memory-making things. So that's one way 20 years from now I can let my daughter know how absolutely incredible she is and how much I love her. By celebrating her every day and also making her birthday extra extra special.
Have fun at your parties! Your kids are blessed to have such a fantastic mom like you!

Laura said...

What a fun-filled day you have planned! Sounds like great memory-making for your little ones. I am proud of you for planning this and I know the kids will appreciate it very much. You are sure to hear lots of giggles today! Can't wait for the post telling us all about the parties!

k and c's mom said...

Your three will have the time of their lives! I can't wait to see pictures.

Jillian, Inc said...

I know everything will be wonderful - especially the memories!

Malu said...

I do not know why you took my comment away. Am I not welcome here?

Helen Joy said...

The other day, I was in a grocery store and my 16 month old's eyes lit up when he saw the baloons. The shiny, "expensive" baloons. I nearly walked away with him and then realized that I was his Mommy and I could give him a baloon if I wanted. So I did and seeing the delight in his eyes just made me melt. It really hit home to me how God must feel about giving me blessings. I always enjoy your blogs:-)