Monday, May 24, 2010

Hormonal Excuses

I was recently discussing my poor attitude and the hormonal explanation for it with a close friend. There is an afternoon or so each month where my nerve endings seem to be completely raw and exposed. This means that the completely normal and age appropriate behavior of my offspring can make me feel like I am going to lose it. 

Our tendency as women can be to 'let each other off the hook' for this type of behavior. Most of us can relate! But the truth is, it is not OK to use circumstances as crutches for bad behavior.Do we really want to just concede that we will be irrational and crabby 10-15% of each month--and accept that as OK? Do we want our daughters to do that when they start experiencing hormonal changes of their own?

As I sat down to write tonight I did a quick Internet search and found this article by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It covers this issue so beautifully that I felt led to just send you there rather than try to add too much of my own...

I am only sharing this because it convicted me. :-)


Jenilee said...

I love this post and it is so true. we can often validate our not-so-nice attitudes/actions by confiding in a friend who will make us feel better. I am trying to take things to God and remember that I don't want any excuse to keep me in a bad attitude. I'm headed over to read her article!

The Bouldins said...

Excellent article. I can remember during my year of weepiness and hormonal changes that my Mom had eventually had enough and told me, "I understand that there are things going on with your body that you don't understand, but you are not allowed to hold this entire family hostage with how you choose to act!"

Wish I'd put that into effect in all areas of my life ... would have been much simpler to create good habits rather than having to undo bad ones!!