Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball and my Boy

One of the more surprising things I have learned in my brief 6 year stint as a Mom is related to children and their passions. I always assumed that while a child selected what things they were most excited about, they were generally pushed in that direction by their parents. Perhaps it was an unrealized desire of their Mom's or an effort on the part of their Dad to relive his glory days.

And then I saw this look on my boy's face when he picked up a bat...
It put my whole theory to rest. We were not historically baseball people. My husband was an accomplished athlete, but in soccer, football, college rugby and wrestling.
R isn't trying to follow in anyone's footsteps. He is blazing his own trail. He is serious about baseball not because of any adult pressure, but simply because he really enjoys the game.

I confess I did not have the greatest attitude about spending our family's Spring evenings sitting in the bleachers for 13 games in 6 weeks--but on the eve of our final game I admit to learning a lot and enjoying myself in the process.

I am learning that one of the true joys of parenthood is watching your children discover who they are, where God has gifted them and where their passions lie.
It doesn't hurt that he looks so stinkin' cute in that uniform!

**Photo credits to my father in law, affectionately dubbed "Grandpapparazzi."


twiceasnice said...

Love this post. Tonight my son had his last game too! and team party. He, too, loves baseball. His passion has come from within also. My husband died while I was pregnant with the twins, so they have never known their father or have heard him talk about sports he played as a child. Baseball not being one of them, I'm a tennis girl, so God has blessed my boy with the love too! I also noticed that you spent the big bucks for the bat R is using...we have that too! I didn't know bats cost that much! Crazy! R is a beautiful gift from God. I'm glad his twin and I managed to make it and love watching all those games! Summer can begin!

JMom said...

TAN- Glad I have a partner in bleacher warming. :-)
I have to confess as non baseball people we actually bought him the cheapest Walmart one we could find...he picked up this one from a teammate and started smacking the ball farther. Thank goodness we could borrow during the season! :-)

Heather said...

Just dropping by for the first time! Love your blog and your wonderful outlook on life. God bless you and your beautiful family!

davec777 said...

I felt this way when my son wanted to play hockey. What in the world? No one we knew played or even watched it, and my image was of a very violent sport that didn't attract me at all. Fortunately, my husband was very supportive of him, and he got off to a good start. Once I started going to the games and practices, I really started enjoying it (other than the very cold stands). Youth hockey is very different than pro. Anyway, good for you for supporting your little guy! Stephanie

bethy said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for your encouragement. You are an awesome mommy and a great example!!

Martha said...

I would have to say "that boy loves baseball"'s a good game when parents stay out of it.