Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Imperfectly Magical

Tonight my husband was home for dinner for the first time in 6 days. We took a walk to a nearby establishment where we could eat outside. Somehow we ended up with the entire veranda to ourselves. The weather was perfect. We enjoyed a joy-filled (borderline hyper) dinner...just our family of five. The rest of the world slipped away, for better or worse, it was just us on a random Tuesday evening in the Spring.

The service left a little to be desired, so the children were finished eating by the time our entrees arrived. They skipped and played on the lawn as we enjoyed adult conversation over dinner. The servers commented on how the children were growing up--we all marveled over the fact that they would celebrate their 5th birthday in a few days. How can it be?

The night had its imperfections, as one of my boys played so hard they forgot to use the bathroom. Subsequently, I wound up carrying him home sans undergarments. Even that walk and our precious conversation along the way is firmly tattooed in my brain as a moment I will treasure.

The short stroll home was filled with laughter. Even though it is a school night and we were a little past a bedtime we hold firmly, it just didn't seem to matter. As the sun set and a gentle breeze brushed our skin, I couldn't help but feel we were treading on holy ground--imperfect dirty britches and all.

I am so thankful for those rare moments where I know I am in the midst of a memory...a touchstone I will return to when I am old and grey...a moment so full of life and love I involuntarily take a deep breath because my heart just can't hold it all.

And I love that it was on a random Tuesday, during an impromptu dinner with marginal service, and undies that had to be left behind in the garbage. Because THAT is real life. And tonight I love my very real life.


Mindy said...

LOVE THIS! I have an award for you over on my blog.

Leez506 said...

Oh, you are so right that you will return to those precious moments with your little family - real life is the best life, don't you think? It makes me happy that you're grateful for your life RIGHT NOW - you aren't waiting for everything to be "perfect" because it won't be - but it is already!

Christy said...

I just recently found your blog and I really enjoy it. What a lovely post. It reminds me to enjoy every moment with my children no matter how messy the moment. They grow so fast!


Mary Lou said...

Oh ,yes treasure these moments. You are a very wise young woman who "sees" so well. What a beautiful picture you painted...I could see the children playing etc. Enjoy these days...you will have more..treasure each one you have.

Aubrey said...

Ahhhh...sounds imperfectly lovely. Imperfectly realistic. And imperfectly perfect.

Tari said...

AMEN to the idea that it's those "ordinary" moments that you want to keep with you forever! It's so true.

Anonymous said...

You are so right to treasure these moments because before you know it your three will be turning 10, then 15 and then 20. The time goes so fast and I know that my time with my three is truly fleeting now. Although my kids are nearly 22 (boy), 20 (girl) and 16 1/2 (boy), I treasure moments like yesterday morning when we all sat in our family room for just a short time before everyone dispersed for the weekend.

I have enjoyed reading your blog and your philosophical thoughts. I think that it is wonderful how you seem to stop and reflect on your life almost as a wise observer from afar at times yet you are utterly connected in the perfect way. I actually think that I have been able to do that for much of my children's lives as well and when you have that ability I think it is easier to let go and watch them fly on their own as they get older. Of course I didn't have to do that with all three at once, but I think it is wonderful that you treasure the simple moments that you do.