Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Little Man

Last week's trip was a real reminder that my R is growing up. Although he was the second baby born, if traditional birth order roles assigned to my children, he would definitely be my 'oldest child.' He is mature, responsible, independent, competitive and serious.R has always been my child who is most enamored with 'big kids.' Rather than being intimidated by big boys, he really seems to think he is their age. On more than one occasion I have cringed as I watched him on the playground, bossing 6 and 7 year old boys around as if they were his peers.
Having 6 year old L on our trip was truly the highlight for R.

Sweet L was an incredibly good sport as R followed him around like a puppy dog.I could not believe the positive impact it had on minimizing his emotional meltdowns. He also displayed remarkable bravery as he followed L on a fairly intimidating ropes course. Watching him 'grow up' before my eyes was bittersweet.

The downside for me was watching my typically Mom-centric son blow me off and rebuff my cuddles. I knew the day would one day come, but we are not even 5 yet!

Thankfully, now that we are home he seems to be comfortable giving me love and playing with his siblings as equals, rather than thinking he is above their level. And yet, somewhere in my heart I know, I have only seen a glimpse of what is to come.

One more R story, not related, but too cute not to share:
We were stopped by a train crossing this morning on the way to school. It was over 50 cars long, and they were all full of coal. As I pointed this out to the children, K asked where they were taking all that coal. I suggested they might be taking it to make power in a plant somewhere.
R corrected me "No, Mom. They are probably takin' it to Santa so he can put it in the bad kids' stockings."
Before I could respond he added,"Maybe tomorrow we will see the train full of switches!"


Colored With Memories said...

i love how he thinks!

and may the cuddles last for many, many, more years!

Tara said...

Great train of thought!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Too funny! :)

Mindy said...

That story about R and the train is so funny! =)

Maria said...

That's a lot of bad boys and girls! Quick wit with the switches comment, love it!!

Sammy said...

What are switches? All I can think of are light switches, but that couldn't have been what he meant. :-)

Love your blog!

JMom said...

There is an old saying that Santa brings the bad little children coal and switches (is that just a Southern term?) Switches small tree limbs that old Southern women used for spanking.

Sammy said...

Well, it figures this Jewish gal from New York didn't know that since it's a Southern term and it's about Santa! :-)

Of course, I knew Santa brings coal to bad children, but I hadn't realized that the story continues!

Thanks for the explanation!