Monday, April 20, 2009


First of all, sidewalk chalk may very well be the best entertainment around. It simply cannot be beat for the value. I cannot tell you how many hours of entertainment it has provided my children over the years. This afternoon alone it was at least two...drawing, spelling, writing, hopscotch, four square...the possibilities are limitless.

As the children were playing hopscotch today, I noticed something interesting. R, who prides himself in being an athlete, could not hop on one foot. Watching him try reminded me of watch Elaine (from Seinfeld) dance or Phoebe (from Friends) run...anybody remember those old episodes? It was cringe-inducing in its awkwardness.
Meanwhile, P, who has been in and out of physical therapy for the last 4 years with muscle tone issues had perfect form and balance.

Then it occurred to me...P had been shown how to do it, coached and trained. R, had never had a lesson, relying instead on his own attempts to figure it out. He has plenty of heart and was trying hard, but his form was seriously lacking. Once I showed him how to hold his foot up properly it was only a matter of minutes until he had it down pat!

There are many implications for this in my own life. All the things that I am floundering through as a wife, mother, friend, citizen of the world...things I am attempting, trying so hard, but the correct form does not come naturally. My loving Heavenly Father is watching me in love (and probably amusement and, dare I say, cringing).

So frequently I need a lesson (or two) and a safe place to practice...loving well, being patient and kind, speaking truth in love, being quiet and gentle, wisdom, self control. The form is not in me, but it is in Him. And when I call upon HIm, He is there--gently prompting, guiding, loving, cheering for me, picking me up when I fall, comforting me through the bumps and bruises.

I'd like to think He is even ready with a high five when a lesson finally gets through this thick skull.

Oh, how I appreciate the Grace-filled nature of our loving Father!


Jenna said...

You have no idea how timely this post is for me! Thanks so much, as always, for your amazing insight!

k and c's mom said...

We carried tubs of sidewalk chalk in our trunk when the kids were little. We were ready for a good time at any park! This was an amazing post.

Love Being a Nonny said...

He is watching me in love, and He is cringing. But He loves me and His grace is all I need. Isn't it so good to serve Him?

Aubrey said...

There are so many things that people just expect to come naturally (like motherhood: anybody who desires to be a Mommy should be able to do it as an innate trait, riiiight? a Godly wife: any woman who is a Christian and a wife should be good to go, riiiight?) are so much harder than they appear at first glance. I am grateful to role models and mentors in my life. And most of all, Father's grace and patience with me.

Samantha said...

Thanks for the beautifully worded reminder that I should be asking God to teach me how to do these things that don't come naturally--gentleness, kindness, self-control, etc, ad infinitium.

Kate said...

Your insight is spot on. I learn so much from your posts that applies to my life. Thanks!

Bethany said...

The kiddos at my school LOVE hopscotch and sidewalk chalk in general. It's fun to watch them learn how to hop on the numbers. :)

Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing this post. As always, it was inspirational.

I just emailed you with a few questions regarding PT and low tone. I hope that's okay.

Amy said...

Excellent and insightful.
And I am thankful for sidewalk chalk, too.