Friday, March 27, 2009

And Rained and Rained

The Daddies arrived around 1am. Unfortunately, they did not bring better weather with them. Another unfortunate thing is that one of the children in our crew has a tummy bug and has spent the day quarantined from the others.

Poor Melinda stayed behind with her ailing son and baby while the Daddies and I spent the day with the 4 healthy children at a yummy local breakfast joint, Bass Pro Shop, a movie, Mellow Mushroom and the bowling alley. We made the epic mistake of getting the children really fired up about the bowling--only to arrive and find a wait list an hour and a half long! We attempted to keep the children entertained with dancing. This lasted a song or so until it degenerated into tackling. Next we offered to exchange 4 quarters for the arcade for a game of bowling. Everyone enthusiastically agreed until the quarters were gone and we had to leave. It was an ugly departure. Literally 3/4 of our crew was WAILING as we ran out into the rainy parking lot.

We returned to the house for a bit of vegging in front of the television while we prepared an early dinner--and the children capped off our evening with a contest of who could make the craziest faces with their ice cream and a rousing hour long game of hide and seek. Giggles abounded and we put another rainy day in the books! I am always reminded that the simplest activities are the things they love most.

I have found great entertainment in watching K interact with the boys. She is right in the thick of things until she decides not to be--then she flips her "damsel in distress" switch. One of the funniest interactions happened as the children were playing around the house. She & C (the other 4 year old boy here with us) were playing alone in an adjacent room when we heard C declare angrily, "I am NOT paying any more!" 
To which K replied, "Oh, yes, you are!"
And he did. 
That sweet boy (with no sisters) had no idea what hit him. 


The Hiatt Family said...

I am sorry for the sick tummies and all the rain, but I am SO thrilled that you and Melinda have become friends. As soon as she and I met well over two years ago I felt as if I had known her for years. And then when they got the job there I just knew y'all would hit it glad that y'all are getting away together. Please give her my best and here's to a bright sunshine tomorrow!

laurie said...

So glad you are having fun despite the rain. I'm ready for all of you to come home though!! We've missed you!