Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Hometown Adventure

What an amazing time we had back in my old stomping grounds (Columbus, GA & Phenix City, AL) this week!
We arrived at my parents' house Thursday afternoon in time to grab an early dinner and go watch my 11 year old niece's karate class. She was thrilled to show off her moves and the children were quite impressed by this totally new experience.

Friday, while my parents were at work we made the rounds with precious old friends. We had an early morning playdate at the park with a dear high school friend, Jill, who now lives in Charlotte and her 2 year old, Oliver.Mid-morning we met Dee (who is responsible for the blind date that introduced me to my husband) and her 2 children at the museum, followed by lunch with yet another special friend, Stephanie, and her three sons.

In the late evening my two aunts on my Dad's side stopped by for a quick visit, then Randi and her family came over for swimming and BBQ.

Saturday morning we explored downtown Columbus: the riverwalk, plazas, fountains, and a farmers' market.
We generally zip in and zip out of my hometown, devoting all our time to family visits--and feeling rushed to get even those in. This trip, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to settle in a bit more, take things at a more relaxed pace and reconnect with some old buddies and their children. A perfect way to spend the last full week before school!


Kris said...

That does sound fun - it's so nice to go 'home'.

I love the picture of you & R in the pool! It captures the happiness of summer!

The Hiatt Family said...

Oh, I wish we had been in town too! So glad y'all had a great visit.