Monday, October 15, 2007


During errand time today, my cell phone rang and I saw our sitter, Storey's, number. Uh-oh. That is generally enough to make a Mama's heart stop.

When I answered the phone I heard wailing in the background as an out-of-breath Storey said, "The children were playing in the backyard and stepped into a yellowjacket's nest. They started swarming. K, P & I were stung a few times."

Thankfully, I was less than 5 minutes from home. As I sped toward the house I realized I had no idea what to do about stings. There is no tobacco in our house. What else do you use? Think. This is basic Mom stuff. How can you not know this?

As I walked in the backdoor, K & P were sniffling, shirtless on the kitchen island with ice packs and red whelps. Poor K sustained all 3 stings on her face. P's stings were on his elbow and the palm of his hand. Storey's were on her arms.

Benadryl was adminstered all around, hydrocortisone was applied and everyone settled down to watch Little Mermaid and relax a bit. After an hour of no allergic reactions, I put them down for their naps. Half an hour into naptime P woke up SCREAMING. He was hysterical, coughing until he gagged, gulping and crying. Because he has battled reflux all his life, I immediately assumed he was just having a particularly painful episode. However, when I couldn't calm him down and he became belligerent, would not talk to me or make eye contact and his pupils looked dilated I became concerned. He isn't swelling, but this isn't normal. I don't want to overreact...but I don't want to underreact either.

I paged my husband, but he was operating so an OR nurse returned the call. I did not want to overreact, so I asked her to just have him call me after the case. A couple more minutes of the same abnormal behavior led me to call the pediatrician's office. Darn automated systems! When I finally reached a nurse, she suggested I bring him in quickly. Great! I am home alone with two other sleeping children. What am I going to do with them? It was 3:00, all my friends were undoubtably preoccupied in carline picking up their children from school. Overwhelm. Wailing child. Hot tears. I called my neighbor who was picking up one of her children 10 minutes away. She suggested I see if her housekeeper was still at her house to run over and sit until she could get here. Thank heavens for sweet Ms. Lou and precious Emmy!

I loaded up my little P and in a scene all too familiar to our family headed towards the ER with him. (I just tried to recall how many ER trips he has made. I can think of at least 7 in 3 1/2 years!) Thankfully, my husband called back just as I was heading out the door and agreed to meet me in the parking lot of the hospital between cases to check P out. An exam was conducted in the backseat of the car by a loving Daddy.

The verdict? Thankfully, no allergic reaction! Just the unfortunate combination of reflux pain, sting discomfort, grouchy three year old attitude, and a little Benadryl induced drunkeness. I brought him home and put him back to bed, hopeful he would only vaguely remember it all as a bad dream.

It is a blessing to already be laughing about our crazy afternoon. As my mother-in-law said tonight in an e-mail, no childhood is complete without stings. Here's to checking another milestone off the list. May the next one not be so dramatic!


Katy said...

oh wow!!! What a day!!! Poor kids..and poor mama! I hope everyone was able to get a good nights' rest and ready to start a new day today full of fun! Have a great Tuesday!

Christi said...

How scary that must have been! Neither of my boys have been stung yet, but I am allergic myself so I know how terrifying it can be!

I think you handled it beautifully!

April said...

Stings are definitely scary and hurt like crazy too! Some things kisses just don't help!

Room for Grace said...

So much for your day of errands! Glad they are all ok. One of my kids cannot take Benedryl, it makes him crazy. He cries, but says he doesn't know why, he gets a weird look in his eyes and is basically hysterical until it wears off.
Hope you have a better, less dramatic day today!

jean stockdale said...

My mother's heart hurt for you and your precious little ones as I read. Praise the Lord that the outcome was good. Blessings.

Big Mama said...

What a day. Bless their hearts.

Aunt Boo said...

Never a dull moment at your house, huh? I am sorry that they got stung, I know that hurts. Give them kisses for me.

Aunt Boo

Mindy said...

OH wow! What a day.
Bee stings stink!
It is a blessing that your husband could come out and check out your son! How great to have a doctor on hand (in between cases)
Have a great Tuesday!

Katie said...

Oh, your poor children. Stings hurt so much. I used Benedryl creme on one I had earlier this fall and it worked great! Good luck.

Karen said...

Stings are the WORST. Next time, try a paste of baking soda and water to help take some of the sting out and then try the benadryl. We live out in the country on a farm and this is the best remedy I have found, outside of tobacco juice, which we have never have either.

Glad they are all okay! :)

lorisue said...

Bless his heart....bless the babysitter's heart.....bless your heart!

JamieLynn said...

The poor little babies! And I'm sure the sitter was a wreck too! Hugs all around!

A Place For Ministry Wives said...

Those poor kids! What a saga!

You did great responding to it all (even though I know it was complete craziness at the time)!

Be Inspired Always said...

You did outstanding :)

My mother-in-law got stung this year for the first time ever- had a allergic reaction and put a penny on the sting mark. The copper supposely pulls the stinger out. It worked wonders.. I was completely surprised.

Now for me I can't do that, I have the shots. Which I carry outside with me at all times, extremely allergic!

Anyone else heard of the penny thing? Old-wives tale?


Lisa@Take90West said...

Poor P and K, hope they are better. And your poor sitter too, a big hug for her because she must've been a wreck!
It sounds like you were able to stay a lot calmer than I would have been able to. I tend to....panic!

Jacob and Andi said...

I would have been paddling in the panic boat with you- not knowing what to do or if there is even anything wrong is the hardest thing!