Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007 Part 2

A much needed afterschool nap. (Thankfully!)
A visit from Grandmother.
Trick or treating downtown. (A great benefit of small town life!)

A visit to Daddy's office.

A neighborhood party.
Trick or treating!
Passing out candy to "customers."
A frenzied bedtime routine.
Passing out cold.

Whew! What a fun day of giggles, grins and too much candy. (I have emptied their bags into our bowl by the front door and am working feverishly to give it all away! Think they'll notice?)


Kelly said...

I'm surprised you are not passed out cold in bed after day you have had. I bet they got a ton of smiles and looks today!

Keri Ann said...

Too, too cute!!!! I bet you're all going to sleep well tonight!

But what I wondered aloud just now to my husband did you get all 3 of them to agree to wear these adorable coordinating costumes? Didn't they have their own ideas of what they wanted to "be?" My husband suggested that maybe it's because they've been having to cooperate with each other for 3+ years instead of being the only child with an opinion, like our 3-year-old has. If that's so, then I guess that's one of the great benefits of having triplets! (Then again, maybe they're just more amenable to outside suggestions than our little one is!)

keri said...

love the pics...especially the last one. i can't get over that wig that K has on...super cute. sounds like an eventful (and exhausting!) day! rest well tonight!! :)

Renee said...

The last pic has to be one of my favorites! You did a great job finding costumes that suit their personalities.

Heidi said...

I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!!! just only wish that we could give it away like that but I am sure that at least one of the 9 would notice one of their tootsie rolls.

His Doorkeeper said...

The pictures of your children are so sweet...innocent fun! That the way all childhood should be, don't you think? Thanks for sharing these and hope you get a well-deserved night's rest!

katie said...

i love the wizard of oz costumes! too cute.
but, i think i don't like you for getting a post about halloween done before halloween is even over!! we'll see if i get to it or not! :)

Jacob and Andi said...

Man, what a riot!!!

I bet dad was thrilled to see them all in thier outfits!

The Hiatt Family said...

Love the costumes. As I was trying to get Springer to sit still for a picture I looked at G and said "How did J do this with THREE two year olds!?" They are precious.

Courtney said...

They are SO adorable! I love it!

Rachel Brooke said...

ohhh yeah... kids always noticed.

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

I L-O-V-E the costumes!!! I love the Wizard of Oz! Adorable!