Thursday, September 06, 2007

This Week By The Numbers

5:15: Time the children ALL woke up (hyper and ready to go for the day) today

4: Number of consecutive days they have all been awake before 6:15 am

9: Number of times we stopped to go potty on our 2 1/2 hour drive last Saturday

3: Number of days this week at least one child has skipped their nap

18: Number of days I have been without caffeine

Thank you, Lord, for laughter... and the energy You are giving me to keep up with these silly, wild Indians! You have truly blessed my efforts to let go of my caffeine habit. Thank you (and please keep it up!)


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

re: your 2.5 hr drive - was that 2.5 hours the scheduled traveled time or how long it turned out to be? LOL

For us? The trip to my parents pre-Vikings? 2.5 hours After Vikings? over FOUR hours! LOL

Sending prayers for strength and sustaining power. (((hugs)))

Big Mama said...

God bless you. I feel the pain of an early riser and a frequent pottier.

Renee said...

Oh the blessings of little ones growing up! I love how you captured it in numbers. Our early risers are starting to sleep late. You know, like 6:45 instead of 5:30! Have you tried black-out shades to see if that helps? I've had friends use them to help their young ones sleep longer and have had good success.

Courtney said...

sorry that your kids are getting up so early AND skipping naps...ouch! I did want to give you a little idea...I don't know, you might already know and or do this, but several of my friends travel witha potty chair in the back of their car for trips, so you would technically still need to stop to do this, but you wouldn't have to stop at a gas station/public restroom or wait till you found one. My friends swear by this as a necessity for trips and even just going to the park at home (again, don't have to leave the park and/or use scary public bathrooms). *most of them, however, don't let them go number 2 in the potty chair, that they hav to leave/wait for...hope it helps somebody if you already knew about it!

JMom said...

Courtney- Thanks for reminding me of this great tip. I actually do this, so it helps a lot!!!! I am a big advocate of this system for anyone with little ones. I use one of our old training chairs. I put a grocery bag in as a liner with an old diaper in the bottom for absorbancy.

The Hiatt Family said...

12: the number of times I think of you during the day and wonder how in the world you do it!

Kris said...

that's great that you've made it 18 days. Way to go. for me, it would be a sugar habit, and I can't imagine giving that up!
and on the potty subject from a few days ago, I was thinking about your "hold out" and my son has had the same issue...on and off for over 2 years! right now what is working is just 'reminding' him to go after breakfast (making him); some days that is one of his morning jobs, or we can't go somewhere until he goes, or I'll read you that book - after you go, etc. - just making sure he goes. also, bribing with a piece of candy - I figure it is better than how upset I was getting about the accidents. Trying to leave it up to him has not worked up to this point. If he just gets in the routine of going every day, we don't have the problems which come when he's been avoiding going for a couple of days.
I just thought that might help, if you're still dealing with that issue!

Alison said...

Well done on the kicking of the caffeine habit!