Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Love Life

This season of my life is good. It is not perfect. It is often frustrating, exhausting, stressful. But, truly, it is good. I could find a laundry list of things to complain about, but they are trivial really.

This is not true of everyone. I know countless people personally going through huge trials right now. A stressed out single parent. A financially strapped family. Folks battling terminal illness. Praying through a perilous pregnancy. Battling addiction. Living a life of loneliness. Troubled marriages. Mourning losses. Hungry. Homeless. Abused.

Unfortunately, this is the reality of this world. We are surrounded by real people with real hurts. If we are not in the season currently, we have been there before and will find ourselves there again. I am tempted to feel guilty that my life is so comfortable. I don't deserve this.

What do we make of all this?

Even if it is but for a season, I have been entrusted with gifts from God--peace, material resources, encouragement and comfort to give, ears to hear, hands to help, love to share. Am I doing well with my responsibility? Am I actively looking for places to be used as the hands and feet of God? Am I daily, moment-by-moment, surrendering my life practically to be used by God? Am I modeling this for my children?

I try to remember a quote from an old friend of mine, Steve Olsen, "Treat people gently. You have no idea the load they are carrying."

I have grand ideas of what I could/would do for charity if I had millions of dollars. But, what am I doing with my minutes? Large-scale, hypothetical heroism is one thing. Faithfulness with small things is a lot less glamorous...and infinitely more difficult. It means abandoning my own agenda and personal comfort for the sake of others.

Living out the life to which we have been called really is about the little things. Today I feel challenged to slow down, to truly listen-- to really love those I encounter.


LilyLakeMom said...

Once have me in awe with your beautiful writing. Thank you for the inspiration today. I cannot wait for my kids to get home from school so that I too, can take some time to 'truly listen.'
You are my favorite read, everyday!
Thank you for always inspiring me to do better.

Paulette said...

I love this post today J. It is so true, there are so many hurting people and I too have been so much more aware of peoples needs.
I have my fair share as well but even through the great trials especially my marriage ending after 22 years and I am still somewhat in shock as to my future without hubby, I can see the everyday miracle in truely putting my faith in the Lord and letting him literally take over because I can't.
I believe with all my heart that you deserve everything God has given you, I truely do. I believe our blessings are all different but the bottom line is what we do with what we have. For me not having and struggling, makes me grateful for just getting through. I have found that by losing everything I had, God is using me in ways I never thought possible. In that I am Blest as well.
Thanks for the reminder today.
I still am crazy about these special children of yours!

Old Fashioned Girl said...

Thank you so much for this post - you write beautifully and with great conviction.

wendymom said...

I needed to hear this today. To be a servant for Christ, even when I don't want to, is the life I am to live for Him and His Glory. Thanks for reminding me.

Peach said...

Thanks for writing what you did. It helps to know you are thinking of others who may not be as blessed. You challenge me to do the same, and I appreciate the nudge.

Fran said...

I'm a first time visitor and boy am I glad I stopped did I find you?? Anyway, this was just AWESOME reading for today.
Whatever task God has placed before us at any given moment, lets do it with love and grace!


Jenna said...

jmom, this so hit home with me in this very moment--thanks for the invaluable reminder that it's not about us.

JP's MOM said...

On the very day I am in need of some encouraging words, I popped on over from BooMama.

Your words are so true!

Thank you.

And your pictures are AMAZING!

Kim said...

What a GREAT reminder!! Thanks SO much for your boldness, and willing heart to share the things that our flesh often DOESN'T want to hear..but our spirit DOES need to hear!!!

Blessings to you...and your sweet family!!

Laurie said...

Beautifully said. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely way at looking at mothering. It is indeed a holy occupation filled with chaos and craziness, but holy nonetheless. Your writing is so rich and insightful. I have taught (and am teaching) a Bible study for Moms for the last 19 years and I "stay current" with mothering issues by reading bloys like yours. It keeps reminding me of where the women are that I am ministering to-right in the middle of it all!

I am on the far side of mothering-having rasied and released 2 grown sons who are now married and building thier own households of faith and I appreciate your intention to mother deliberately, with divine direction and devotion. May God richly bless you.Blessings. Jean Stockdale

malu.tim said...

It is so nice to read your blog and share your words based on the scriptures. I live in BRASZIL ,I am Presbyterian and it is so nice to see how dedicated mother you are and for me is a pleasure to share your words and thoughts . Needless to say that your triplets are so lovely.
God bless you !!!

Bev said...

The more busy I am, the more I feel like I'm just leaving a light layer on those I love. Not really listening to anyone, multi-tasking is way way overrated. One life at a time. xoxoxo

Sun said...

WHOA! I felt like this was written for me today! I see so much pain - esp on the blogs I visit...thank you for this amazing post - what a wake-up call to me to be the faithful stewart of my time, abilities, and life - Sunshine

Sun said...

oops steward - not stewart - sorry - :) it has been a long day in my home today :) Sunshine