Sunday, September 23, 2007

From the Hammock

It has been an action-packed weekend of activities with extended family. My sister-in-law and baby niece were in from Maine yesterday morning. We spent the morning together, then because my husband was on call, he stayed behind as the children and I drove a few hours south Saturday afternoon to visit with my family. It has been a wonderful 36 hours of enjoying cousins, aunts and grandparents.

The highlight of the weekend was returning home this afternoon. My husband managed to have a break in his day and met us for some quality time---just hanging out in the backyard. Ultimately, the five of us were all in, on and around the hammock in the back corner of our yard. The weather was perfect. My head was resting on my husband's chest as P, our resident cuddle bug, was curled up on the other side of his Daddy. K climbed in and out of the hammock, alternating between "talkin' and thinkin' " and strumming the ropes on the hammock "like a git-tar." R was running the show, as usual, by using a loose rope to rock us while tossing out directions for a game of limbo he wanted us to get up and play.

I felt like I was truly enjoying the Sabbath...resting and investing in my relationships with the most precious people in my life.

It was a moment to be savored, however brief. Ultimately, as I commented to P that his face was so sweet I could "eat it up" he replied," No, 'cause I wouldn't taste vew-wee good and you would prob-lee cough and den thwo up."

As we laughed at his literal evaluation, our lab ran over and dropped a large slobbery stick on my lap, disrupting the moment by jarring me back to the real world. Suddenly I remembered that I still need to make a trip to the grocery store, as I am completely out of milk. Rest over. Mommy has responsibilities.

Frankly, it has been a rough couple of days, adjusting to the return from vacation. I am always so grumpy to be without my husband after being spoiled by time with him. I have noticed the children seem to react the same way. We all needed that hour this afternoon to slow down and drink in the simple things that make family incredible: restful time together.

It was also a wonderful reminder that we need not drive 7 hours to find that...sometimes a few stolen minutes in the back corner of our yard can do the trick!


LilyLakeMom said...

Everyone looks like they are so happy in that picture.
I am glad you had a nice weekend. I am often crabby too, after time with my husband and then when the routine is back to normal I find myself missing his presence very much. Hang in there!

laurie said...

I feel your pain my friend, my sweet husband is getting really busy (which is ultimately what we want of course) and "real life" is starting to kick in :-) It's hard for me to be without him so much after a month completely off and then "easing in" to his job!!

Room for Grace said...

I related with so many parts of this post. Love those unplanned close to perfect moments, they are truly the best.
Cute picture!

jean stockdale said...

God faitfully gives us "soul rest" in the most unpredictable moments. What a blessing to have some "stolen moments" with your family. These are the memories your children will tuck in their hearts and carry with them always. God bless you.

Jacob and Andi said...

I love P's comment!

I always get grumpy when I know I won't see Jacob. Family time is an awesome blessing- all the time.