Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What's in a Name?

The children are well aware I have another name besides Mommy. As a matter of fact, R calls me by my first and last name frequently. Interestingly, it is NOT just when he is demanding something, he actually uses it as a term of endearment. "JXXX Scott, you are my JXXX Scott."

A couple of days ago we were trying to explain that Daddy has a grown up name too, since when I call him by anything other than "Daddy" a very confused look often comes across the faces of the children.

M: Do you kow what Daddy's grown up name is?
K: Doctor.
M: Some people call him that, but he has another name he was called as a little boy. Think. What does Mommy call Daddy?
K: HONEY!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Very cute!

Jennifer said...

That is great. Funny what's in their little minds. My son thinks of his dr daddy more along the lines of "Doc" Hudson from Cars.
Also, I LOVED the mid-air smile by R. Priceless!

Tara said...

If you ask Wesley what is Daddy's other name is, he will tell you Brian. If you ask him what his Mama's other name is, he'll tell you Mommy. I love their little minds! Wouldn't you love to get inside their heads for just a minute?

That Girl said...

My 3-y-o nephew hollers "Babe!" through the house looking for my sis.