Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They Don't Miss a Trick!

I took a commenter's advice last week and used naptime as an opportunity to quietly remove 3 of our many ride-on toys. It actually took a few days for the children to notice. When they asked where the cars went, I explained that I had taken them to the Childrens' Home for the kids who don't have any toys. K retorted, "But, Mommy, they DO have toys. We played with them remember?"

Seems I had forgotten that since we went to the home to play with some of the residents IN THEIR PLAYROOM a few weeks ago, that story doesn't hold as much water.


Last week, I took the children with me to the lab to have my blood drawn in advance of today's cardiology check-up. They watched in wide-eyed wonder as the nurse took two vials of blood from my arm. (Talk about pressure to put on a brave face!)

As we were getting dressed this morning, R asked where we were going today. I explained I had to go see the Doctor.

"Oh, what are they going to take out of your body today?"


Sarah said...

Gotta love these little smarties! But what great teaching opportunities eh!? We are needing a little toy trimming ourselves, as much for my clutter sanity as for the lesson of less is more. I commented in your previous post too. I always love stopping by!

Embracing my cup said...

Cute! It is amazing how much they are aware of as small as they are!! They keep us on our toes, don't they?? :-)

Belle-ah said...

Hope your visit went well, today!

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

So funny!

christas mom said...

I often read your blog because i love hearing about your sweet babies. when I read todays, i had to share my story. once when someone asked my daughter if she had an imaginary friend, she said no, but her friend did so she played with them. we still laugh at her story and she's now 21. thanks for sharing your story with us.