Friday, August 03, 2007

Tales from the Toilet

Two of my three are totally toilet trained (except for sleep time, that is about 50%). We discovered last week that one of my kiddos has a minor urological issue that is making potty training more difficult than it should be. I want to respect my children's privacy when it comes to this issue, so I am not going to get into the details. However, because I did not know such issues existed (and have now learned they are not as uncommon as you might think) I want to encourage Mommies of young ones: If you are noticing some things with your training children that seem a little off, it does not hurt to ask your Pediatrician.

Some of the funnier moments involve the running commentary that my children provide as a sibling is voiding. I am working on privacy with them...but they are having a little trouble in the personal space department. Generally, as one child is on the potty, they have an audience. This has lead to some jewels of quotes like:

"Wow! It is like you have a fire hose!"
"That's a HUGE poop. Good job!"
"Watch out! I don't want you to spray me!"



hi my name is mommy said...

Love the quotes, that is too funny!

Jen said...

My 4yr old informed me last week that her "poopies lined up like a parade!"

Ain't they funny? :-)

Renee said...

I've just finished with the 3rd son. His favorite thing to tell me is how big his poops are. Lovely conversation. Expected, though, with a house full of boys. :)

April said...

Our potty training this summer was helped along by an older big brother who 'showed' little brother how to tee-tee standing up instead of sitting on the potty to go.

Aunt Boo said...

Those kids are so silly!

Aunt Boo

Deidre said...

I suppose the fact that you are training a 'girl' and 2 'boys' at once creates some quotes we Moms would'nt normally hear.

Those are precious.

Anna said...

My son always has something to say when he uses the bathroom. He's almost 5. So get ready for more fun ahead this year!

Kimm said...

My littles (boy and girl) came out of the bathroom one day and announced that they had used the toilet both at the same time. I'm still trying to figure out how they accomplished this one. Were raising lots of talent in this house:)