Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's the Thought, Right?

It really seemed like such a good idea.
My Grandmother is having some important medical tests run Tuesday. So, I thought we'd send her a little something to let her know we were thinking of her.
I tried something similar for Valentine's Day when the children were 8 months old. It didn't go so well...but now they are big kids who know how to follow directions. (Can you read my sarcasm?)
It was right before naptime after a busy morning of playing hard and going to music class. Can't you see how much K is enjoying this experience?
We love you Granma Dobbs and will continue to be praying about Tuesday's tests!
P.S. I put them directly to bed for their naps after this shot. :-)


Perri said...

I love series of pictures - it tells so much more than just a single one.

Renee said...

I remember trying this when I just had 2 in order to send birthday wishes to out of town family. I think they were both screaming the whole time or fighting over cheerios. Yours turned out much better. :) And yes, it's the thought that counts and is bound to make your grandmother smile!

Barbie said...

I think pictures sessions can bring out the worst in all children. Every time we go to the studio my children completely act out:) Makes for cute pictures regaurdless.

Kate said...

thank god for digital cameras! it's so easy to capture how it is. such a sweet thing to do for grandma. :)