Monday, July 31, 2006

Morning Visitors

It is always during my morning routine that the children get into trouble. They see my cleaning the kitchen and getting dressed as an opportunity to sneak into all kinds of exploring. This morning I heard the door to my bedroom slam shut and muffled crying from P. As I went to rescue him, I noticed the crying stopped suddenly.

I opened the door and he came running towards me saying, "Cool, Mommy. Cool." P is a scientist, so these words made my blood run cold. What on Earth had he gotten into?

He ran to my bedroom window and I saw 4 deer in our backyard. It was cool. There were 2 bucks who were just beginning to get their antlers, a doe & a fawn. The kids & I stared out the window at them and they stared right back at us for a minute or two.

At one point, one of the deer started walking towards the kids' blue ball. R said, "Deer pway ball?"

Invariably, two of the children started pushing to get a better view, which erupted into 2 year old emotional screaming--and the deer ran away. As they were leaving the yard, they ran past the swingset. P said, "Deer swing!"

This was a fun start to our day!


Paulette said...

That is my very favorite thing to see wild deer in the back yard. My adopted parents built a house on a lake and early in the morning they are grazing in the yard so they can also drink from the lake. It is an awesome sight, I am glad you had that experience today.
Have a blessed day with those babies.

Belle-ah said...

What a wonder filled morning.

Midlife Moments said...

How wonderful! I bet the kiddos loved that experience :)

I hope the rest of your day was just as nice!

Alison said...

What a fabulous way to start the day!!

Renee said...

How exciting! My boys love to watch for deer when we go to my inlaws up in Jasper. They think it is the greatest thing and a great way to teach them to be quiet. :) I love the comments about the deer playing. That was so cute.