Friday, July 14, 2006

Happy Campers

The kiddos have been having a wonderful time at camp this much so that we signed up for next week, too! They are learning so much and are having a terrific time with NEW playmates. Honestly, my only complaint about this experience is the size of the T-shirts that they have to wear everyday. They are HUGE!

For comic relief I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the dynamics around here... (i.e., how K ended up in a backwards baseball cap.)
Note that her bow is in her left hand. She removed it before going in for the snatch. Premeditation! Look at her glee as P screams. (The hat is in her right hand off screen.)

This also explains why they are not sitting very close together in the group shot I finally managed to get!


Perri said...

Kate certainly does look pleased with herself. How funny.

Paulette said...

Man I could just eat em up, they are so adorable. In the one picture Ryguy and Kate look so identicle.
Jen, wanted to let you know on the little boy who was killed in there church parking lot, it was the mommy who accidently did it. If you go to you can read the article. Its very touching.
Have a great day. And yes the shirts would bug me as well, Im to big of a perfectionist,lol

MegLogan said...

I just noticed that your daughter has perfect curls but the boys hair is totally sstraight! How on earth did you get blessed with such a cute combination?

And why on earth didnt they make those t shirts in a smaller size?

Mrs. Meg Logan

miss katie said...

Great pictures! I am glad they had a good time at camp!

BooMama said...

I promise you - I look at their pictures, and I want 14 or 15 more children. ASAP. They are SO adorable. I think I love them. :-)

Chappyswife said...

I have sooo wanted mulitiples all of my life. You are blessed.