Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Beach

We have just returned from a glorious 8 days away. We spent several days at the beach, celebrated Mother's Day with grandmothers & great-grandmothers and attended a dear friend's wedding. Here are a few silly pictures from our trip.

One day while standing outside the Sugar Shak (a yummy ice cream and candy store in Rosemary Beach, FL) K & R pointed out the front page of a newspaper by exclaiming "CHICKEN!" (verbally and in sign language) It was an article about the bird flu.
R's enthusiasm about this chicken leg proves that he was not really bothered by the article!Likewise, the Closed sign did not seem to discourage the children from trying to get to the mother load of tasty treats. One afternoon as K helped Daddy polish off a scoop of Rocky Road ice cream, she demanded "MORE!" We explained to her that the ice cream was "All gone." K is no dummy...She climbed down from the picnic table and darted into the Sugar Shack shouting 'IIIICE CREAM!"


Perri said...

right to the source - avoid the middle man. Smart thinking.

Patricia said...

gorgeous pictures. i feel relaxed, just thinking about being on the beach. what a wonderful getaway.

Anonymous said...

I know very little about teaching small children sign language, though I have heard and read that it can be very useful. Would you recommend it? I recently recieved a book on basic "baby signs" and just can't decide if I want to even go there. Your input would be quite helpful. Love all the vacation pics, esp. the chicken leg. Too funny! -Andi

JenMom said...

Andi- Just saw your comment and wanted to respond...Hope you see this. I am a HUGE advocate for sign language!!! We use the seres from and it has been wonderful for communication, alleviating frustration and increasing their vocabulary. Plus, it is fun! They know over 200 signs. Feel free to e-mail me if you have other questions.