Friday, May 26, 2006

More Birthday Photos

Our gift was a big hit...but the 'kids' definitely did not read the warning label until we were putting it away! (We unknowingly violated 7 out of the 11 within 5 minutes--Oops!)

Believe it or not, she laughed after this tumble. That's my girl!

Can we have a birthday everyday?


Perri said...

what fun. I want to read the story too - maybe for their 2.5 birthday. I think you could have saved the bibs - doesn't look like they were much use.

CINDY said...

just a hello and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! !! !! First time for me to drop in.

DJG said...

I love reading your tribute to each child. Thanks for stopping by to see my triplets!

They are a handful, aren't they?

Patricia said...

i can almost hear the giggling, just looking at the beautiful photos.