Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Spring is coming... YIPPEE!

My new refrain is "Smell them, don't pull them..."

R's face is evidence of how he feels about that rule. (Also, note what he is grasping in his sneaky left hand)

Look out, Haley-Dog...They plan to take over the yard too!


Kate said...

Precious pictures!
It drives me crazy here in GA to see beautiful flowers and tress blooming everywhere and have to wait another month or so for the grass to turn green again! I hate this brown stuff!!

Wow - your profile is such a testimony. Full cardiac arrest? My goodness - what happened? How scarey...

JenMom said...

Kate- I am loving your blog! Seven hours after delivering the babies (after 2 months of hospital bedrest, mind you) I had a peripartum cardiomyopathy (heart failure)which presented with a pulmonary edema. In other words, I was very, very sick...but truly had a recovery in one week that usually takes sveral months(if ever). Even my cardiologists at Emory deemed it a "miraculous" recovery. God is good.

Perri said...

The more I see Ryland's name, the more I love it. I wonder if I could convince my pregnant daughter to give up the name she has had in her mind for 10 years to name the baby Ryland?

What are the kids' middle names - if you don't mind sharing.

JenMom said...

The boys go by their middle names, so he is Joseph Ryland (Joseph is my Dad's name) and I have a Charles Parker. (Charles is DH's Dad's name) Kate is Katherine Gilstrap (Dh's mother's miden name)

My Ryland is the 6th generation Ryland in our family. Once they had a Sr, Jr & III, the tradition started to change the first name to the maternal grandfather's name each generation. So we had 3 George Rylands, a Charles Ryland, a John Ryland & now a Joseph Ryland. Hope that makes sense!

I have seen it 3-4 other times--it is a great name!

Perri said...

Wow - I wish he had Rylands - a cool name. NOOO, my son gets stuck with William "Jacob" in order to please the men before him.

I love the Gilstrap too. It is neat that you got to honor everyone with this first & only bunch of yahoos.

Of course, there is always adoption.....said the voice of "this is all I will have."