Monday, February 13, 2006


Our children are HILARIOUS! I laugh out loud at their antics several times a day...Their little personalities are literally bursting right now. I counted their words and they have just at 100--my 3 favorites are "Lub OOO" (Love you) and "whereissheee" (Where is he/she/it) & "Holdchew" (Hold you--when they want me to hold them). It is also really funny when they say & sign "Cold" or "Hot." It is very dramatic. (I cannot imagine where they got that from!)

They are totally into playing with each other these days. They especially love to hide, seek & chase each other. This is what was going on while I was trying to get them ready for bed tonight... It literally makes my heart so full I don't think my chest can hold it!!!

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terrible speller said...

so so so so sweet!